Thursday, July 5, 2007

Online Special Needs Software - Sensory World

Sensory World is an interactive online enviroment for learners with special needs. You begin at the Sensory House front door and click on the door to go inside (by mouse, trackball, touchscreen, eye/head tracker with a means of clicking).

Once inside you are in a hallway where you can choose from a kitchen, where you can play games about safety or hygiene or plan meals, a music room, or a sensory room , where you can play with the various lighting and sound equipment. The games are basic and fun. Students will need cause and effect understanding, and some life skills knowledge as well as intact vision to play. Hearing is not totally necessary, but the audio is quite nice for those who can hear. Reading is also not mandatory. Overall it is a nice set of online software for the "life skills" track of special needs students.

P.S. Some of the activities are culturally geared towards British students (which is because it is a British site), meaning that British terms, spellings and foods are used. Might be an especially fun activity for American students if working on an "Around the World" type of thematic unit.

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