Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kate's List of Free Software for Severe Special Education Classrooms

Updated July 23, 2009
  • Access Apps is a collection of free assitive technology softwares
  • Baby Smash is cause and effect software that allows banging on a key, a switch or multiple switches (try the Intellikeys without and overlay)
  • Camera Mouse is head or other body part tracking software that works with a standard web cam (try using reflective tape to increase accuracy)
  • CamSpace is a body part or object tracker (mouse emulator) that works with a standard web cam
  • Choose It Player allows you to run activities made with Choose It Maker on a computer which does not have Choose It Maker installed
  • Classroom Suite Player allows you to run activities made in Classroom Suite on a computer which does not have Classroom Suite installed - note you must be a subscriber to News-2-You and logged in to News-2-You for this to work
  • Click N Type is an onscreen keyboard with many different lay out possibilities (and the option to make your own), there are also options for speech output and scanning
  • Dkey is an onscreen keyboard that acts just like your cell phone, including the word prediction
  • DSpeech is a text-to-speech program which allows multiple methods of saving audio (scroll down on the link)
  • Dwell Click automatically clicks the mouse when you hold the arrow over an item
  • Eagle Eyes Software are free, simple programs which work well with head and eye trackers
  • EdWord is a talking word processor which allows automatic symbolization with symbol sets you convert and install (i.e. Imagine Symbols or Scelera Symbols)
  • Every Day Skills is a program that allows users to create or use pre-made sequences of photos and videos to teach life skills in a switch accessible format
  • eVia Cam is head tracking software that works with a standard web cam
  • FX Software has many different applications including large and extra large cursors and mouse arrows, text-to-speech and more
  • GCompris is early learning and elementary aged software that works with a mouse, mouse emulator or touch screen/interactive white board
  • HELP Read is text-to-speech software
  • Hiyah is Power Point based cause and effect and life skills teaching porgrams
  • Hot Spots allows you to make standard software switch accessible
  • Jim Luther's Assisitive Technology Resources has many applications including a web based AAC software program(which also works offline)
  • Joy2Key allows you to use any commecial game pad or joystick for alternative access
  • Joystick to Mouse allows you to use any commercial joystick for alternative access
  • Kidoz is a safe web browser for children
  • KidThing is a learning platform with books and games
  • KidZui is a safe web browser for kids
  • MiniSebran is early learning software that is great for low vision
  • PHOTOSyms allows you to create communication boards using any photographs or icons you have on your computer
  • Power Reader is a (plain text only) text manipulation and text-to-speech program with multiple controls for maximum benefit, it also has the ability to define a chosen word and show and image of the word
  • Power Talk adds text-to-speech to Power Point
  • Quicks Pics is software to make communication boards
  • Read Please is text-to-speech software
  • Sense Factory is a free alternative to Switch It Maker allowing you to create switch activated videos and activties
  • SEN Switcher is a progressive program to teach switch skills
  • Switch It Player allows you to run activities made with Switch It Maker on a computer which does not have Switch It Maker installed
  • SymVoc is a picture based AAC program
  • Thunder Screen Reader is a screen reader which can be run from a memory stick
  • Touch CD is a cause and effect CD player program
  • Tux Paint is a children's painting program which works well on a Tablet PC or an interactive white board
  • Word Predictor is a word prediction program
  • Word Talk is an add-on for Microsoft Word which provides text-to-speech with highlighting
  • Zac Broswer is an internet browser for kids on the spectrum
See also Fabulous Freebies and OATS Soft for more free AT.

If I missed something let me know and I will update the list.


  1. Thanks thanks thanks from a somewhat new SPED teacher of students with severe disabilities.

  2. Great list Kate- I added a few new links to my ever-growing list of bookmarks! thanks

  3. My son is at TREEHOUSE SCHOOL in North London, England, UK - they refuse him any software or computing device, despite the fact he was good with computers at home with me - long story- but thanks for this


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