Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Barker Creek

One of the great things that has happened as a result of writing this blog is contact with other educators, bloggers, parents of children with disabilities and people who own or work for companies that make for products for people with disabilities.

Last night I was contacted via the Meebo instant messaging button over on the left of the blog by the Barker Creek company. Barker Creek makes a number of great products but the one I had written about on my blog is Mayer-Johnson Picture Communication Symbol Magnets. I have a full set of these in my classroom and we love them, and we have had visitors leave with photocopies of the catalog and order form because they wanted their own set.

During my chat with the Barker Creek representative last night I suggested the Mayer-Johnson Picture Communication Symbol set I wish they sold, a schedule set. I already use the magnets on a bright red cookie sheet as a schedule board, but some common schedule items are missing and a package of schedule related PCS magnets would be great. Look for it in the next year or so the representative said!

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