Sunday, September 26, 2010

AAC Device Sharing

If you are interested in downloading board sets for any of the popular communication devices it is likely there is something out there.  You just need to know where to look:

  • no sharing as of this post
  • V/Vmax
  • Xpress
  • Tango
  • No sharing was found for older Dynavox Devices (Series Four, 3100, 2c, iChat, Palmtop)
Prentke Romich Communication
  • while not exactly boards or sharing you can find a plethora of materials at AAC Language Lab
    Tobii ATI
    • Page Set Central for newer devices running Tobii Communicator (Tobii P10, Tobii C8, C12 and C-Eye)
    • Boardmaker Share for older devices running Boardmaker Speaking Dynamically Pro (Mercury, MiniMerc, Gemini) 
    • Online Grids for devices running The Grid 2 (typically in Europe)
    • no sharing for Say-It Sam! or EZ Keys as of this post
      If you know of a company not mentioned, or a sharing site not mentioned please comment.

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