Sunday, August 19, 2012

Teach Me AAC

One of the possible curriculum to use to teach students with complex communication needs is Teach Me AAC.  Teach Me AAC is just beginning to make a dent in the world of AAC for those with severe or multiple special needs, as it rightly should.  Teach Me AAC was created by Pati King-Debaun.

Teach Me AAC uses research proven techniques for teaching AAC skills, such as Aided Language Stimulation, re-casting and repetition.  Language is arranged pragmatically and guides conversation.  Compared with some other books it is much smaller and more usable for teachers, para professionals and families who shy away from giant books with hundreds of pages and super difficult means of access.  Also the Teach Me AAC book is available in an identical dynamic display version using Boardmaker Speaking Dynamically Pro and there are rumors that one or more of the "big three" AAC companies will add this system to their selections.  The Boardmaker SDP version does import perfectly into the Tobii Communicator software, making it ideal for eye gaze users who have this speech device.

You can download a sample of the Teach Me AAC book here.  Or purchase the book individually or as part of a curriculum here.

A free course is available online to learn more about Teach Me AAC.  It can be found at EduWorkshops.  Use Teachme as both the log in name and password.

Unfortunately embedding is disabled for the videos the author has posted online, but here are the links so you can see it in action.

Finally here is the blog about Teach Me AAC and the Communican Classroom that Pati wrote:  Teach Me AAC Blog.


  1. Hi Kate,

    I stumbled on your blog about special education, and I wanted to let you and your readers know about a fun, simple timer that can really help students with special needs manage their time in the classroom and at home. It's called the Cube Simple Timer Series and teachers, parents and kids can use it as a fun way to manage time.

    You can check out our Facebook page here where we have links to Youtube videos that show how this great timer works:

    I hope you and your readers find it helpful for supporting children with special needs! Have a fantastic school year!

    Kristen at Datexx

  2. sounds v interesting! Thanks for blogging about

  3. thank you for positng about this awesome teaching resource! I can't wait to check it out with my kids and families :) I wonder if there is an ebook version of Teach me AAC?


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