Monday, December 10, 2012

The Yes/No Series - Part Five

Using Books to Teach and Reinforce Yes/No

  • Ollie's School Day: A Yes and No Book
    • Go with Ollie through his day making yes and no choices
  • No No Yes Yes
    • this board book presents behaviors and labels them yes and no 
  • I'm Going to Read: No Yes
    • this is a simple story told by a series of yes and no statements
  • Yes, No, Maybe So
    • another simple story about reinforcing positive behavior
  • No, David!
    • this Kindergarten favorite has the adults in David's life telling him, "No!" to all of the impulsive things he does and is a great way to get all the kids calling out "NO!" whatever way they happen to do that!
  • Yes No Little Hippo
    • a book about safety through yes and no
  • Yes Day
    • the best day of the year, when every question is answered with "Yes!"
  • Eli, No!
    • a simple story about unconditional love told through a dog who gets into trouble
  • Yes Yes Yaul!
    • Yaul only like to say, "No!" until his friends help him learn to try "Yes!"
  • Stop and Go, Yes and No
    • this is a book about opposites and is best suited for teaching core words/antonyms, but it does contain yes and no
  • Yes, Please! No, Thank you!
    • a book of silly questions
  • No & Yes
    • a rhyming toddler book about behavior
  • Oh No, Ah Yes
    • a book about trying new things

Ways to use these and other books to teach and reinforce yes/no:

  • as you read the book have paraprofessionals and peers model yes and no for each student in the manner he or she communicates it
  • pick a student to be your co-reader and communicate yes and no as they occur in the book
  • velcro yes/no symbols to the pages and having students placing them correctly
  • have the students shout out (using whatever the method they use) yes and no
  • for behavior orientated books print pictures of each behavior and having students sort into yes and no

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