Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Some Books about Kids Who Use AAC

  • Out of My Mind is about 11 year old Melody who, in spite of her high intelligence and perfect memory spends her days listening to baby songs.  Until she is provided with a chance at inclusion and an AAC device.  (Middle school and up.)
  • Sarah's Surprise stars six year old Sarah who wants to sing happy birthday to her dad.  Her speech therapist helps her move from a communication board to a speech output device - just in time.  (Early elementary and up.)
  • Rules is about Catherine, whose brother has autism.  She likes to go with her mom to take her brother to occupational therapy.  There she meets who is a wheelchair user and communicates using a low technology communication book.  Romance ensues. (Middle school and up.)
  • So Don't and See What Happens and Sour Puss are both picture books about Madi and her brother Colin. Madi happens to use a wheelchair and a pink Dynavox to communicate. (Elementary school and up.)
  • The Romeo Riley, Private Eye Series is a set of detective novels about Romeo, another character who happens to use a wheelchair and a speech generating device.  (Late elementary school and up.)
  • On Being Sarah tells the story of a young lady who has CP and uses a wheelchair and a Bliss Symbol communication board to communicate.


  1. We've read both "Out of My Mind" and "Rules" at our house with my now-17-year-old daughter. She really liked "Rules" and could relate to the character who uses AAC, particularly when the topic of being able to select his own vocabulary was discussed. Boy, did that speak volumes to me as vocab-selector!

    "Out of My Mind" terrified my daughter. It was just too close to home for her when the main character could not speak up to prevent a potentially fatal accident. This incident from story had her upset for days. I would HIGHLY recommend previewing the book with your listeners in mind before reading it to them, because it may be too upsetting for sensitive readers.

    Just a little editorial feedback from the peanut gallery. :0)

  2. Thanks for providing this list of books. I'd like to suggest one more: "How Katie Got a Voice (and a cool new nickname," a children's storybook about a girl who discovers the power of AAC and other AT. You can learn more about the book, download related freebies, and watch a kid-friendly Disability Etiquette video at Thanks again!

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  4. Rules is a great book. Out of My Mind is a heartbreaker on many levels, I loved it but I hated it.

  5. I read Out of my mind, it is fantastic! Paula


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