Monday, September 8, 2008

The Eyes Have It: Dynavox EyeMax Now Shipping

The best of AAC in the form of Dynavox hardware and software and the best of the eye gaze trackers on the market have come together (finally) in the Dynavox Vmax with the EyeMax Accessory.
  • eye tracker, Dynavox and Navigator Software work for any age and any ability level
  • one or two eye tracking
  • works with limited head movement, no need to stay totally still (similar to other devices on the market H x W x D = 6" x 9.4" x 11" )
  • works with glasses and contacts
  • portable
  • durable
  • works with all major mounting systems
  • generally faster than scanning
  • user requirements are to be able to look up, down, right, left, have adequate vision to see screen within a certain distance and focus eyes on one point for a very brief period
  • see FAQ
Some cautions (most taken from private conversations with the Dynavox team in Pittsburg):
  • get a rental (two weeks or longer) and collect copious data before you order, for most (basically ALL) funding providers (especially medicaid/medicare and health insurance) you must PROVE that no other (less expensive) access method will work
  • be sure to rent or borrow the mounting system you will be using as well
  • do not expect to add an EyeMax (or any other expensive access method) to a device you just purchased through any one funder if you purchased it saying that the user could access through another method, this will appear to be fraud (Dynavox and many others working in the DME (Durable Medical Equpiment) field are very concerned with funding of add on EyeMax accessories to recently ordered devices)

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