Friday, September 26, 2008

How You Know...

Back when I did the survey of what people wanted to see on this site lots of people said they wanted more stories about my classroom, so here you go.

I have a student who has highly unintelligible speech, is significantly hearing and visually impaired and is waiting for an AAC device trial, yet she manages to make her point much of the time. One of the ways I know that she LOVES something we have or do in school is that she will say something that sounds like the grown-ups in a Charlie Brown cartoon with the words "in" and "bookbag" very clear in her "sentence". She will then attempt to take whatever it is she adores, put it in the bag on her walker, bring it to her back pack and place it inside.

The punch line: today she attempted to take the computer monitor with the touch screen because she was enjoying the Classroom Suite activity she was doing so much!

(F.Y.I. The activity was Beauty Makeover, which is a brilliant user created activity available in the Classroom Suite Materials exchange. Other words we understood from her speech during her time using Beauty Makeover were, "wow", "ugly", "icky", "roho" (she is an ESOL student) and "brouja").

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