Thursday, December 18, 2008

Interchangeable Switch Backings

I was thinking (while stuck behind, but thankfully not in a six car pile up on the way home tonight) that while the new interchangeable, screw on switch tops from Ablenet are nice it would be way more useful to have interchangeable, screw on switch backs.

Basically it would be awesome if the bases screwed on and off. The backs of the bases could be your choice of interlock, hook velcro, loop velcro, rare earth magnet, table top/wheelchair tray ready clamp or universal mount ready with nuts and screws (make sure the screws are attached and if possible the nuts are too).

Wouldn't that be great?

Ablenet, what do you say?

And how 'bout I get a few sets for free?

P.S. I've had a note from Ablenet, a version of the idea has been sent to the engineers. Perhaps we will see something like this soon!

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