Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Voice is My Power: Part Six, A Mother's Story

This guest blog entry has been circling the special education/disability list servs and is a perfect addition to the "My Voice is My Power" series of entries.

The guest blogger is Denise, mom to Brandon who is a nineteen year old young man who speaks with an alternative communication device. When Denise and I corresponded about posting the story as part of the "My Voice is My Power" series she told me, "Originally when this was sent it was only sent to those who know me and my son and my family. I did not include his age, but I think it adds importance to the story because it shows its never too late to have that moment. It was the singles best moment of my life as his mom."

The Story:

After finishing dinner with Allen and Brandon, it was just B and I left sitting at the kitchen table. I was so tired (after all it was 7pm!) that I put my head down on the arm of his wheelchair. I positioned his hand and fingers on my head and hair so he would have that “sensory” experience of feeling my hair as his fingers would move (and I would get a gentle head massage!). The armrest was actually quite soft and comfortable and we stayed in silence like this for at least five minutes. (I probably even dozed off!)

All of a sudden I heard a voice…Brandon’s digitized voice from his Dynavox.


I looked up at him stunned, and as the tears formed in my eyes (as they are as I again retell the story), he just started smiling and laughing. Brandon knew what my reaction was going to be to what he said, even before he saw the look on my face. He knew how happy he made me with those three words. He knew that what he had said was going to make me cry “happy tears”. He thinks it is funny that I cry “happy tears”.

So together we shared our unbelievable happiness…me with my tears because my son had given me this amazing moment…and B with his laughter and smiles because he knew that he had given me this moment. A moment that will last forever.

So you matter the never really know what can make someone happy, nor in what form that happiness will manifest itself.

It’s different for everyone but should be experienced and shared by all.

I hope that my story made you happy whether it stays with you for a moment or a lifetime...

Whether you smiled and laughed, or had tears in your eyes…or both...I hope it touched your heart...

His voice is his power!

Here is the video that inspired the "My Voice is My Power" series. It is worth a watch... even if oyu ahve already seen it.

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