Saturday, November 7, 2009

Coming Soon: Go Talk Express 32

By now many of use are familiar with the durability and usefulness of the mid-level AAC devices in the Go Talk family from Attainment Company. The Go Talk One and the Button offer a one message option, while the Go Talk 4+, 9+ and 20+ offer a relatively inexpensive five level static display device (with 4, 9 or 20 buttons plus a core vocabulary row). The Go Talk Pocket offers the same with six buttons in a hand held size.

Coming soon (2/15/10) Attainment Company will be offering the Go Talk Express. It will feature everything we are used to the sturdy case and handle, the overlay storage, five levels, volume control, level lock, level delete and it is green.

However it also features switch access and scanning (see below), over 26 minutes of recording, and an "express mode". The express mode is for sentence chaining (or it could be use to pre-train students for minspeak/Unity if you are crafty about it) allowing users to select a series of icons to make a sentence. Express mode does not have to be used, you can use it the same way you do any Go Talk.

It will retail for $599.00. Here is the brochure.

Scanning Capabilities
  • Visual Cueing— four bright LED pipes surround the message keys
  • Auditory Cueing— choose between a 1.5 second recorded cue or beeps of varying tones
  • Scan Pattern— step, linear, or group scanning available
  • Switch Access— single or double switch access with a switch debounce feature
  • Number of Messages— scan 4, 8, 16, or 32 messages with a scan levels feature
  • Scan by row or column
  • Scan every other message
  • Choose fast, medium, or slow scanning speed

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