Sunday, November 1, 2009

November Unique - Geography

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This month's Unique Learning is about geography. The elementary level is focusing on city and country, the intermediate level on transportation in the USA, the middle school level is focusing on the five regions of the USA and the high school level is focusing on working in the USA.

Here are some resources that may be helpful to using adapted the November Unique Learning for learners with significant, multiple disabilities.

General Online Resources:



Social Studies:


Adapted Physical Education/Gross Motor Skills:
  • gather hats of various community workers and have a relay race that involves racing to the otherside, putting on the hat of a worker and returning passing it off to the next person who repeats the action
  • draw flames on the sidewalk with sidewalk chalk and spray out with water bottles, race to see who can finish first

Community Based Education:
  • visit and possibly interview people with disabilities at work
  • visit and interview community workers
  • visit community locations for a tour - grocery store, hospital, library, post office
  • visit the chamber of commerce and hear about why people visit your area

Domestic and Self-Help:
  • practice putting on uniform shirt for community works and doing the buttons

Fine Motor Skills:
  • sort photos or mayer-jonhson picture communication symbols by community worker or region or the country or city vs. country

Arts and Crafts:

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