Thursday, April 22, 2010

25 Things to Do with a Switch Activated Pouring Cup

  1. pour glitter onto a craft project
  2. pour sand into bottle to make sand art
  3. pour paint onto a Spin Art Machine
  4. water plants
  5. roll dice (especially fun for multiple dice games like Yathzee and Boggle)
  6. set up dominoes to be toppled, attach a ruler or cardboard to the cup and knock 'em down
  7. combine chemicals to make silly putty or oobleck
  8. pour crushed Oreos on top of "dirt cups"
  9. add the chocolate to milk
  10. fill plastic ziploc baggies with liquid dishsoap to make freezer packs for lunchs and boo-boos (soap is gel like and takes longer to defrost so is better than water)
  11. fill bags with ice for the trainers office or the school nurse as community service
  12. measure ingredients for a cooking project
  13. toss a handful of coins for a probability experiment
  14. drop blocks onto a fragile surface (like damp tissue paper over a trashcan) to experiment on how much weight will cause the surface to break
  15. use two pouring cups and drop items from a height to see which falls faster
  16. blindfold a contestant and drop different items so the contestant can guess what you are dropping
  17. drop a ball onto a slope to learn about velocity
  18. fill the class pet's food dish
  19. dump fish food in the tank
  20. fill the candy dish before important IEP meetings
  21. pour coins into the coin sorter/wrapper
  22. position the pouring cup over someone's head and allow the winner of a contest to activate it to pour ice cold water or ice cubes down that person's back
  23. tape the cloth covering a surprise to the edge of the cup and press the switch to unveil the item
  24. remove the cup, attach an arrow and use it as a choosing device 
  25. write the names of every student on a small wooden block and pour out a block a day to pick the day's helper at random


  1. Great post, Kate! Thanks for the ideas!

  2. Its really been a very informative post. Thanks for sharing such a nice informative post. Nice work. Keep it up....


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