Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Inclusive Click-On

From the Inclusive TLC a new environmental control unit.  The best thing is it costs $195.00.  Also it allows you to use one switch to turn something on and another for off - imagine the possibilities!  Here are the specs from there website.

Click-on is a new, fully featured control unit from Inclusive Technology. It makes it easy and safe to operate electrical appliances using switches.
With two fully independent channels it can operate two appliances simultaneously using the same settings.
With easy touch controls and clear indicator lights, it is simple to choose the desired functions. There are different control methods:

  • Direct - the device operates as long as the switch is held down.
  • Latching - press the switch to turn on, press again to turn off.
  • Timed seconds - set for seconds and choose the desired operating time - 5, 10 or 15 seconds and so on.
  • Timed minutes - set and choose the time.
Click-on also has these great features:

  • Cooperation - connect two switches. Both need to be pressed at the same time to switch on the device.
  • Two switch on/off - connect two switches. Press one to turn the device on and the other to turn it off - a simple, easy to grasp concept that is ideal for introducing two switch skills.

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