Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Princess Bride Revisited ago I posted several entries about a theme unit on "The Princess Bride".

With an entirely different group of students this unit is once again in action in our classroom.  The first week we focused on the movie and the characters, including Princess Bride Bingo, ship races like that between Vizzini and his crew and the Man in Black and making Miracle Max Revival Pills (chocolate covered rice crispy treat balls).  We also reviewed the story of The Princess Bride and took a little quiz.

Week two we focused on pirates including a giant pirate flag mosaic, (foam) pirate sword fights, pirate maps, pirate jokes (via a free iPhone app) and the making of various pirate props (eye patches, hooks, hats).

Next week we will focus on the animals of The Princess Bride - eels, ROUS (Rodents of Unusual Size - Capybaras) and horses.  We will make "eel" appetizers and paper plate eel crafts in addition to learning about eels, capybaras and horses.

We four will focus on "If I were in the Princess Bride".  We will learn about our assets, focus on the characters and which our favorites are and why we like them.  We will make trading cards at and do some rhyming like Fezzik.  We will also catch up on all the projects unfinished from the first three weeks!

Week five will be about Princess Bride Sensations!  We will try our hand at making things sink or float in water, work with sand like the lightening sand in the Fire Swamp and create a tactile board game (as well as play it). 

Finally week six will be our wrap up week with time spent scrap-booking about our summer of The Princess Bride and preparing for our end-of-summer theme party.


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    1. I love the Princess Bride! I've toss around the idea of doing a "At the Movies" year one of these years and just picking a bunch of movies and focusing on one a month. I'm adding this link to my planning folder for that year. Who knows... that might end up being what I do for 2011-12 :). Thanks for sharing all the great ideas!

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