Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Overseas Products I Wish I Could Find In the USA

  • V-Pen 
    • The V-Pen is a mid tech AAC solution
    • It uses special coding to allow the V-Pen to speak messages that correspond with paper
    • You can use a variety of pre-made manual boards or make your own with special software
  • Recordable Bar
    • with six buttons and ten seconds of recording per button this would make a perfect visual schedule at $25.00
  • Look2Talk Complete
    • a complete set of materials and guides to creating, teaching and using low tech eye gaze communication boards
  • The Talk Time Range 
    • A variety of products that allow recording a voice and hearing it played back
    • Includes a talking block (to use as a dice), switches and dry erase boards (Mayer-Johnson does carry a couple of these items.
  • StoryBoards
    • a set of pictures and story telling boards to allow students to "write" and tell a story
    • reinforces time concepts as it is used


  1. I tried out the V-pen a couple of months ago - it's a VERY neat bit of kit, really promising particularly for emergent reading skills and for making the transition from low- to high-tech AAC. I also rather want one as a backup (travel!) VOCA.

    Get in touch with the company - the guys were REALLY nice, I'm sure they'd ship a few out.

    (PS adult AAC user and undergrad student here).

  2. Kristi Voelkerding, Easter Seals MassachusettsFebruary 3, 2011 at 8:31:00 AM EST

    Enabling Devices has 2 potential stand-ins for the Recordable Bar.

    I can't include the URL - but it's the 7 message take or place n talk.

  3. could you use the pen friend to make a kind of V Pen?

  4. Did you know that Inclusive Technology also has a US branch? It is called Inclusive TLC. Although they don't have the Eyegaze Frame on their US website, it is worth asking for it.

    The Look2Talk material is phantastic. The same authors, Katharine Buckley and Clare Latham of the ACE Centre have also developed a ready-made vocabulary targeted towards the next stages, after the intro-phase that is tackled with Look2Talk. It is called Talk Together and is also available on the Tobii Communicator platform with SymbolStix.


    *** commercial interest declared, I am a Tobii employee ***

  5. Augmentative Resources (www.augresources.com) has a Portable Voice Output Pen which looks somewhat like the pen described. It uses sticker labels. - Alison

  6. Thanks for the ideas. Neither of those products does what the v pen does. The take and talks are much more expensive than the recordable bar. Finally I am continuing to boycott AugResources because of their disregard of intellectual property. I am hoping US vendors will start to carry the above products.

  7. Hello the tts resources are fabulous and I have them all, they have made voca devices the mainstream in the regular classrooms across the UK! If you want any of them I would be happy to ship to you, but tts are so helpful they probabbly would ship to you at cost

  8. eNasco and Learning Resources are now both carrying much of the Talk Time Range of products. eNasco is cheaper.


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