Sunday, February 6, 2011

Feeding Tube Awareness Week

I was reminded by my blogging friend Rose-Marie at Adapting Creatively that this is Feeding Tube Awareness Week.  You can check out her post here.  Also see the Feeding Tube Awareness Website.

Some resources to think about include the free book for children from Mito Action (please donate to Mito Action a couple of dollars, they do great work for kids with Mitochondrial Disease). I have previously posted about g-tube feedings at school here.

Some ideas for awareness week might be:
  • have your students in to speak about using a g-tube in a health class, scout troop or another setting
  • do a lesson or series of lessons teaching your students communication and self-advocacy about their g-tube - practice communicating messages like, "my g-tube hurts", "I am feeling hungry.", "I feel full.", "My feeding pump has a problem.", and directions to instruct someone on giving a feeding or troubleshooting a feeding pump
  • teach your students how a g-tube works, allow them to see and touch things like a mickey, extensions, gauze, cans of formula, bolus syringes, feeding pump backs
  • have your students make posters or flyers for Feeding Tube Awareness Week
  • have your students write or compose letters to people getting a tube for the first time

A while back I printed a list of g-tube friendly clothing and accessories.  Here is an update:

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  1. It is is of any help, I'm posting some tutorials for adapting clothing for g-tube access this week. Please let any of the moms in your rooms who sew know about this.

    I appreciate you spreading the word, Kate. Thanks!


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