Friday, April 6, 2007

Another Great CAST Resource

I blogged about the CAST UDL Book Builder the other day and now I want to share with you there UDL Lesson Builder. This site allows you to create online lesson plans that integrate technology and ensure access for all learners. In addition you can share your lesson plans and see the plans of other teachers. You can see all of CAST's products (free and commercial) here.

Each lesson plan made a Lesson Builder has space for a Lesson Overview, Unit Description, Lesson Description for the Day, State Standards, Unit and Lesson Goals, Methods, Wrap-up, Assessment and Materials. The 'wysiwyg' editing allows you to insure web links, photos and more into the lesson plan. Clicking on "More Information" in each section provides an idea for what information you should be including.

Note: You will need a new log in, your CAST Book Builder one will not work (or at least mine didn't).

(P.S. Thanks to Panera Bread Shop for the internet connection to make this post, as I am still sans internet at home.)

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