Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Wordzee Worksheet (and Communication Board) Designer

Wordzee is a free online program to make picture (non-standardized symbols, clip art and photos) based worksheets and communication boards. There are 16 different layouts to choose from including 4,6 or 8 images in boxes or not, with blank lines for labeling activities, arranged for matching activities, fill in the blank with a word bank or matching pictures to text. The software takes a few trials to get used to, don't get frustrated by error messages at first.

In Wordzee first use the search box on the left to choose images. Then assign pictures to boxes, title your worksheet and, finally, chose a layout. This is a quick, free, online alternative to using Boardmaker or similar software when you are in a pinch (i.e. no time to load up software, you don't have Boardmaker, you don't have your Boardmaker disc). Keep in mind you do loose the versatility, broad range of images and standardized symbol system when you use this instead of Boardmaker, but there is definitely a time and a place for Wordzee.

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