Thursday, April 19, 2007

Website of the Day: New England News

New England News is a free special education newspaper geared towards, as the name says, New England. It is created using Classroom Suite from Intellitools and can be downloaded in classroom suite format or as a PDF. Inside gossip tells me it is created by a very dedicated special needs teacher who has an assistive technology degree from my (double - BA/MS) alma mater, Simmons College.

I debated quite a bit with myself over posting this as a site of the day, because it is rather locally based and this blog is more international everyday. In the end I decided to share it as a resource to teachers from around here and as inspiration to teachers from across the country and around the world. If you know of similar projects more local to you please share the link through the comments section.

P.S. The new links pages are shaping up nicely. They are designed to clarify and simplify the website collection to the left on this blog. Check them out at Teaching Learners with Multiple Special Needs Resource Pages.

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