Saturday, March 8, 2008

Boardmaker Symbols Addendum 2008

My new 2008 Boardmaker Symbol addendum arrived yesterday in the mail from Mayer-Johnson. The disc contains 1,300 more symbols for your Boardmaker, Boardmaker Plus, or Boardmaker with SDP software. Many of the new symbols are related to math and science or transition to adulthood/post-high school placement. The cost is $29 dollars (US) and it installed like a breeze on my Windows XP laptop, in spite of having almost no memory available. If you need to buy all of the addendums the new 2000-2008 addendum bundle is $125.00.

Even with all of the addendums and downloading the free monthly symbols there are some symbols I wish I had, that I think are not unique to my classroom. I submitted these suggestions for new or revised symbols to Mayer-Johnson today.

I have submitted symbols before. Sometimes you get an e-mail a few weeks to a few months later with all or some of the symbols you request as an attachment (a few times I never heard back after requesting symbols).

I am guessing that Mayer-Johnson appreciates it if you make sure the symbol doesn't already exist before you request it, which it only takes a second to do in symbol finder. As a side note before you search for generic names versus brand names before you give up looking, i.e. a Hoyer is called a Patient Lift. (Remember you can add new names to symbols, so next time you search it comes up as Hoyer.)

Don't forget that you can share any boards you make on the very active Yahoo Boardmaker Group or the (very inactive) Mayer-Johnson Sharing Page.

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