Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Top 10 Tips for Partner Assisted Scanning Handout

A link to a fantastic hand out on partner assisted scanning was shared on the QIAT listserv today. The hand out offers ten tips for partner assisted scanning and explains each. I plan to go over this handout at my daily staff meeting tomorrow morning. Below are the ten tips, click here to download the PDF of the hand out.

1. Motivation, Motivation, Motivation!!
2. Offer Choices for Multiple Cycles
3. Offer Choices in a Consistent Order: Support a Visual, Auditory and/or Tactual Map
4. Always Include a Way Out ("give me more choices")
5. Decrease the Amount of Questions & Language
6. Consider How Choices Are Offered: Visual, Auditory, Tactual and/or Sign
7. Accept Multiple Communication Modes
8. Attribute Meaning to All Communication Attempts
9. Use Facilitation Strategies as Needed
10. Consider the Implications of Life As A Multiple Choice Test

I would only add a reminder to allow enough wait time for the student to process and respond.

from Promoting Communication on the Fly for Students with Significant Disabilities,
Including Deaf-Blindness: Top 10 Tips for Partner Assisted Scanning
(Hanser, 2007)

Linda Burkhart also has two excellent handouts on partner assisted scanning, one that is an introduction and one that is from a presentation at ISAAC.

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