Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Wikis to Watch

ITC Fusion is a wiki that focuses on teaching life skills while teaching the state mandated curriculum. It has some nice Boardmaker boards and other resources.

ATEN Region 3 Village is a wiki about creating thematic visuals and accessible literacy activities.

Ohio Alternative Assessment has great information for all of working to do alt assessment or teach to state or local standards.

I am also beginning to work on an intensive special needs wiki, but it will most likely be a summer project. It is located at Intensive SPED Resources if you want to check my progress.

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  1. Hi Kate
    I am looking forward to seeing the progress of your wiki. To give more space on your page, you could request for the ads to be removed.. after all, it is an educator's site.
    The other thing I've been meaning to pass on to you is more information about WriteOnLine by Crick. I use a web conferencing program called CENTRA and one of the things I use it for is monthly meetings with some of close colleagues. We invited Crick to one of our events and he showed us WriteOnLine. It wasn't mentioned in the event, but it will soon be switch accessible. If you wish to download the recording, go to www.centra.sa.edu.au/main/seru. Click on Public Recordings and follow the wizard. You will need to install the CENTRA software to view the file. This can be downloaded from http://inclusivetechnologies.wikispaces.com (on the Web 2.0 page).


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