Monday, April 18, 2011

AnyBook Reader -Off the Shelf Adaptable AT

The Franklin AnyBook Reader is designed to make any book and interactive, "read to me" book.  Essentially you attach special stickers to the pages of books and then when you touch the pen to the sticker it plays back a self-recorded message.

The Franklin AnyBook reader could be used in so many ways for learners with multiple special needs.  Here are a few I have thought of:
  • use with manual communication boards as a mid-tech AAC device
  • use with visual schedules or task strips as a prompting device
  • use with social stories as a means of independent access to text for non- or early readers
  • use with a cookbook to read recipes
  • use to say the Pledge of Alligiance
  • use for sequencing activities - be it math, phonemes or story sequencing
  • use to label colors for those with visual impairments
  • use to record messages from home to school and back
The Franklin AnyBook Reader come in a 15 or 60 hour edition, costing about forty to fifty five dollars.  It uses double AA batteries to run and comes with 400 reusable, removable stickers.

You can even check out the AnyBook Reader Blog.


  1. A very nice product :
    A french article from me, about Anybook :
    All the best
    Thierry Danigo
    Réseau Nouvelles Technologies
    Association des Paralysés de France

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