Wednesday, January 10, 2007

AAC in Asia

Perhaps it is because I am an absolute geek, but I love looking at what other countries have to offer as far as special education is concerned. I particularly like exploring what other countries have to offer as far as AAC.

Using Google Translate I was able to explore most of a Korean Augcomm website that creates online communication boards to print out. Click on the pink box with the Korean characters on the left to go to a menu page, then use the drop down menus to choose boards to look at.

Unfortunately I was unable to find a way to translate one Thai AAC product page.

Again using Google Translate here is a special needs school in Japan to explore. From there we can find the website of Hearty Ladder a Japanese piece of scanning AAC software and Pad de Mouse, software that lets a joystick or gamepad replace a mouse. ATAC Kyoto was an AT and AAC conference held in Japan that is a fun site to visit. I also found a collection of picture symbols and photographic images along with instructions for the creation of a communication book and a picture symbol carrier for swimming. These Japanese picture symbols may appeal to students who really like Manga or Anime, while these might be nice for fans of Caillou.

Can you imagine how great it would be to be part of an international team of special educators exchanging ideas and information? At least the internet can bring us close to that.

End note: Some of Google's translations are quite amusing. Physical disabilities becomes "arms and legs inconvenience" and assistive technology becomes "welfare technology".

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