Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Free Simple Single Switch CD Player

For those of us with students not yet ready to scan using a switch, with goals and objectives focusing more on cause and effect, there is a free single switch CD Player that can be downloaded. Simon's CD Player simply starts and stops a CD player on your computer. No whistles or bells, just simple cause and effect training with music.


  1. I am the aunt of a sweet eleven year old girl who just happens to have special needs. She suffered two massive brain hemorrhages when she was three days old and was in a coma for weeks as a result, she has extensive brain damage and severe physical and developmental delays and also suffers from seizures and must take medication for this. The three things she loves most in life are the Jonas Brothers, being read to and listening to music. She can recite from memory the words to over 150 children's and religious songs despite not being able to read more than a handful of words. Her mother, my sister, is trying to find a CD player that my niece can operate herself. The one she currently has, she must have her mom place the CDs in and start them as the CDs have to be placed and pushed down until they click into place. My niece doesn't understand to push until they click into place and even if we tell her, she either won't understand or she won't remember, we have no way of knowing which it is. So, we are trying to find a CD player that is more special needs user friendly, more like a car CD player in which you can just slide the CD in and push the start button and it plays. That is what she needs, something simple so she doesn't have to remember a lot of steps. I wasn't sure if you might know where we could find something like this. I tried googling CD players for children with special needs and got no where. I would appreciate any assistance you could give me. Thank you so much for the work that you do with these children and for any help you can give you. God bless.

    Cathy Ferguson

  2. Hi I just happened to come onto this site and saw the post made by Cathy Ferguson. I thought you might find it helpful to know that I too trawled through the Special Needs CD player route and got nowhere, but then found an MP3 player for children with special needs called the Sweetpea3. If you put this into the search engine you should be able to access the website. This device means that an able person has to download music onto the MP3 player from a CD or the internet, then all the user has to do is press play. There are three different playlists, volume control (even the loudest setting is fairly quiet!) and the set is made of tough indestructible rubber. I think it is available in blue or purple. the company now ship from canada worldwide and although the postage wasn't cheap, it was well worth buying. It operates on 2 AA batteries and comes with a full set of instructions. good luck to you, hope it helps your niece to enjoy her music.


    Catherine Livingston


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