Monday, January 15, 2007

Teaching Idea - Household Sounds Activity

On Friday I did a fun activity with my class about household sounds. It was a Powerpoint presentation using (free) Pictograph Symbols and (free) download sound files.

Each sound was taught in a pair of slides. The first slide was a question mark symbol that played the sound. The students would then guess the sound. Then next slide was a picture symbol for the sound with the sound being replayed. I set the background of each slide to black, since the symbols I used were high contrast white on black and tried to chose the sounds with the least ambiguity. The students really enjoyed this activity. Those with hearing impairment had some needed practice and those with visual impairment were able to see the symbols and get the explanation for sounds that they here. Powerpoint slide shows can be run with a touch screen or single switch placed on "mouse click".

I have placed the file on "putstuff" so that anyone who wants to can download it. Go to Noises in My House. It will only be there for 30 days, after that comment and I will send you the file.

1 comment:

  1. Any chance you still have this file?
    Would love to use it with a couple of students I have this year!


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