Thursday, January 25, 2007

How is it? Abuse Prevention Picture Symbols

Seeing a need and filling it is how most of special education works and this web resource is no different. How Is It is a website that offers 383 picture symbols that can be used to teach learners with disabilities about abuse prevention and to aid child protection services in working with children suspected of being abused. Disabled children are much more likely than their typical peers to be abused. It is our job as their teachers to do what we can to prevent this tragedy from happening. How Is It is a resource we can use to help us. This is what the their website says:

"How it is
is an image vocabulary that has been developed to help children communicate about a range of important issues. It has been developed by Triangle and funded and supported by the NSPCC. The project was led by Ruth Marchant and Merry Cross of Triangle.

More than 100 children and young people contributed by drawing or commenting on images. The project was also supported by a multi-disciplinary group of professionals and parents.

How it is has been designed to be used as a flexible, child-centred resource."

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