Saturday, March 31, 2007

Adapted TV/VCR/DVD Remote Controls

Let's start off with some off the shelf large button remotes. The largest I found was this super sized one at Brookstone. You can check out for other large keyed remotes.

This remote, the Weemote, is available in the original, senior and DVD version. The original version allows parents to block out all ten of the stations they want their children to have access to. The senior version is a (shown left) is a more mature gray color and allows more access but still has a simple interface.

Enabling Devices offers this very simple wireless remote control with only five very large buttons.

There are also a variety of hands free, voice activated remote controls available. Again is a good place to start exploring the options.

There are less switch activated remote controls out there to look at. Tash offers the scanning Mini-Relax and Relax II. The Advocate II, available from Mayer-Johnson is capable of scanning and can be used as a remote control. Enabling Devices has a switch interface box for a universal television remote that allows a single switch to control a single button on the remote. They also offer a DVD remote with a joystick interface.

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