Monday, March 5, 2007

Some Lesser Known Dynamic Display Devices

FRS is offering us the ComLink, weighing in at under four pounds, running Windows XP, containing 10,000 communication symbols (including Mayer-Johnson), it has built in environmental control capability, can be purchased with an airlink to connect wirelessly, has hot swappable batteries and the greatest aspect it has 20 G of memory (for those learners with thousands of messages or who utilize the MP3 or video features).

AMDI a long standing static display device company is now offering the TechTouch. It uses the VS Communicator Software with built in e-mail and text message program or your choice of other programs (i.e. Boardmaker or the Grid). It has all the same features of the ComLink above, including the 20 G of hard disk, but I saw no mention of a wireless option, except I saw no mention of a wireless feature. It comes pre-installed, if you want, with a Deassey mounting plate.

I have been watching the Tellus+ overseas for a while, but have finally found out that FRS is a USA vendor of the device. The Tellus+ kicks some serious backside. It has, get this, 40 G of memory! It runs on the XP platform, has WLAN (wireless) and bluetooth! There are five "always available" buttons down the right side, that can control the volume, be a date and time button or what ever you want. It runs MindExpress or EuroSuite. All this and the Tellus+ is barely six pounds! (The only drawback? The ECU is IR (GEWA) instead of X-10.) Oh, and you can also get a mid-size or handheld version of the Tellus.

You know what I want? I want to see the Tellus+ and the new Dynavox V go head to head before another device is chosen for my classroom! So FRS/Tellus and Dynavox, how 'bout it? Give us a comment and come visit my class to show us your stuff!

By the way, though not included because it is not exactly lesser know is the Dynavox V. Now that thing looks cool! Sit through the intro video, it is worth it! 40 G of memory! A light sensor to determine screen brightness (what an incredible idea!)! Some of the most intuitive programming software I have ever seen!

And now for a minor bout of negativity:

But still, a Dynavox has a stinky manual and my kingdom for a Dynavox rep in my area with some follow through, I have had an MT4 in the room for a year and we can't get a rep in to help us out for love or money~well, actually I haven't offered love or money, maybe that would work!!! Best technical support in the industry? Bah! If you like being canceled on maybe! But that being said the FRS website is twice as stinky as the Dynavox manual and they only have funding info for Ohio Medicaid (huh?) Neither of which is as bad as the Gus Communicator funding website, I dare say it is a terrible idea to brag about only being 80% covered. And I have only Assisitve Tech Inc, Satillo and Zygo to compare the Dynavox support with and neither of Saltillo nor Zygo have ever had a rep show up (although I could always get Assistive Tech Inc out when I needed them), but then again neither Zygo nor Satillo ever offered, nay, promised, in person tech support when we purchased those devices. Grinch, grinch, grinch. I sound like a bitter old lady. That is all my complaining for the month, I'm done (well at least on the blog).

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  1. I apologize for the trouble you've had getting a rep to visit. We've had some issues in Ohio that we are in the process of resolving. Email me your phone number and I'll make sure you get a rep visit very soon. Thanks for the kind words about the V.

    Bob Cunningham
    Vice President of R&D
    DynaVox Technologies


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