Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A Note from the E-mail Engineer of the Dynavox V

I want to share with everyone parts of a series of e-mails I had in response to my post about the new Dynavox V.

This is from the engineer who designed the e-mail component of the new system (among other things). This excerpt has his explaining the embedded e-mail program:

"Let me call out the essential idea, which is this, "Where you compose what you want to say, is where you compose what you want to send."

You've described one way to use email, to jump to the Compose window, select the body of the email, and then use the system keyboard to write what you want to.... But the other way, is to
compose what you want to say, _back in the Message Window of your main communication page_. Then when you jump to the Compose window, the entire contents of your message window will be dumped in there. Chose the "To:", hit Send and you're done.

Email essentials:
- "Where you compose what you want to say, is where you compose what you
want to send."
- There are only six email behaviors to learn: Quick Email; Quick Email to ...; Check for Messages; New Email; Complete Email; Show

Email Browser.
- There are plenty of example pages already created that you can link to from your main communication page. Check out the "Email and Text Pages" folder in the Page Navigator.

Email is my baby, so I naturally want everyone to see it for the
wonderful child I think it is |:^)

Thank you for your time. Like I said above, it is really so encouraging
to watch as people discover what is waiting for them on the V.

Take care.


Manager, Software and UI Development
DynaVox Technologies"

How cool is that?

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