Saturday, June 23, 2007

Tactile Books

After the success of my student's tactile schedule book at the end of the school year I am thinking of making a few more tactile books for him over the summer. I have found a few websites to help me along in my mission and I thought I would share.

Tactile Graphics offers design guidelines and production tips for two different types of tactile graphics: collage and capsule paper.

Mrs. Meacham's Classroom Snapshot Page has a lesson plan for creating Tactile ABC Books which can easily used as instructions for teachers such as myself to create similar books.

BC Deafblind Web has a great article on what they call experience or concept books (aka tactile books). They include page by page samples of seven books with digital photos and explanations. I really like what they have done and can't wait to try out their ideas.

NCTD in the UK has elaborate information on making tactile books, including a few PDF guides. I learned a lot from their book "Telling Stories Through Touch." The American Federation of the Blind also has a few ideas.

As soon as I make my first tactile books I will post it.

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