Wednesday, June 13, 2007

You know you are a teacher of learners with multiple special needs when...

  • you stay home violently sick and get at least three phone calls from the classroom (my life today)
  • there is no such thing as prep time
  • you go home with other people's lunch on your shirt or in your hair more frequently than your own
  • you have been heard to say things like, "So and so, please take your head out of the play oven, it is time for circle" or "No, you are not Batman" or "For heaven's sake, So and so, press your switch so I don't have to hear that computer say 'Make something happen!'" or "You are right, So and so, touching girls is a bad idea."
  • You know what IEP, FAPE, ABA, APE, AT, AAC, LEA, OT, PT , O&M, ADD, ADHA, OCD, CP, MD, ED, BD, EDBD, BIP, IDEA, TASH, ARC, CEC, LEP, ELL, NCLB, TBI, and LRE stand for (or used to stand for).
  • You use words and phrases that other people don't know like "stimming" and "transition cue"
  • You find yourself using kid idioms like, "Awesome!", "Excellent" and, my favorite, "Awecellent!"
  • People actually ask you to tell stories about your job at parties.
  • However, some of your stories about your job are only funny to others in the field.
  • You've considered using a student's AAC device to answer all those predictable questions at the bank or doctor's office just to save your breath
  • You dream about being sent to your personal least restrictive environment


  1. Oh My Goodness.
    That has made me laugh soooo much you have just summed up my life. Need to add one more though. Wherever you go you buy some wierd object that nobody else wants for your class.

  2. You are so right! If I had all the money I ever spent of weird stuff for the kids back I would be rich. -Kate

  3. when you want to spend time in the time-out/break room to escape to your own LRE...


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