Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Boardmaker Bonanza

Tonight I taught the first half of a workshop on Boardmaker 6.0. It was a small group, but the biggest hits of the evening were the three following new Boardmaker 6.0 features.
  1. Shuffle - the participants in the class loved the new feature that allows you to select three or more buttons and have them randomly swap places. Perfect for making Bingo/Lotto boards and randomizing those multiple choice questions. More here.
  2. Enlarging a button while keeping the symbol and text proportional. I don't know how many people know about this, but if you hold down control (shift on a Mac) the image, text and button change size proportionally. You can even shrink or enlarge multiple buttons proportionally. More here.
  3. Drag and Drop Multimedia - former 5.0 and earlier users really loved being able to drag pictures from internet browsers and other applications right onto a board. They particularly liked being able to pull images off of favorite educational websites like Starfall, Learning Pages, DK Images and others. (On the same wavelength they liked being able to import images into the symbol finder regardless of image format.) More here.
On Thursday we'll review all the features we've covered, talk about templates and learn to use the symbolate feature and a few more things, plus lab time to create.

Links to the PDF Tutorial Files above come from the Mayer-Johnson Sharing Site.

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