Wednesday, November 28, 2007

IR Control of Windows Media Player

I was on Ebay and I saw this IR remote control for Windows Media Center. I immediately thought of how we could use it in the classroom, via the IR settings on AAC devices. It cost me twenty dollars and today I installed the software (which was way more complicated than it needed to be, but I am guessing that some of the name brand IR remotes for Windows would not be as bad). It works great, I started programming it to control Windows Media Player via the Dynavox. As you know from previous post programming the Dynavox to send IR commands is amazingly simple.

Now instead of detaching the Dynavox from the wheelchair and using switches to control Windows Media Player my student can just use her device.

P.S. I know that the Dynvox can control a computer via the Access IT accessory, but we don't have the Access IT accessory.

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