Sunday, August 30, 2009

Number One Unused Tool

The number one unused tool of this blog is right up there in the left hand corner...

see it?

It is an empty white rectangle.

Type in a word or two relating to what you are looking for and then click "search blog" to the right of it. Give it a whirl and then come back to it when you are looking for something else. I wrote this blog and I use it all the time to find things I think I wrote about but I can't find.

But the end of this year there should be 1,000 posts on this blog, there are already over 850. Most every topic relevant to classrooms serving learners with multiple, intensive or severe special needs has been touched upon in some way... so try out the search bar up in the left hand corner if you need something.

P.S. If this didn't make any sense at all you are likely reading this in your RSS Reader... try heading over to the actual blog, you know, just this once.

1 comment:

  1. Hi,
    My husband is a professor at a local college just outside of Birmingham and I was hoping to bring some
    people to the blog to give there thoughts and opinions on the educational resources I have been
    providing (both amateur and professional).
    It is (appropriately) named The Top Education Journal. You can visit it by going to
    I hope you decide to check it out, so far friends and colleagues have been very supportive. Thank you.


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