Saturday, August 8, 2009

Welcome New Bloggers!

I want to introduce three new special education/disability blogs.

Exceptional Paradise is a new blog by a teacher of learners with significant disabilities/AT specialist in Virginia. She already has an excellent post up about avoiding an Edmark Coma from teaching and re-teaching (and re-teaching) those Edmark words (I haven't taught Edmark in years and I still know that yellow is in in the first few lessons, eight?) I expect more great posts soon!

Empowering People/Changing Lives
is by a young woman named Erin who has mild cerebral palsy and is just starting on her journey to college, but is already a disability activist. I look forward to reading more about her adventures.

Building a Program that Works by Monica Braat is a new blog that will focus on sharing materials and activity ideas for the severe special needs classroom, specifically she will share extension activities for News-2-You.


  1. Thank you so much for the recognition, Kate! It is greatly appreciated!

  2. Thanks for linking to my blog and for all the information that is so useful to me that you post here. I appreciate you sharing all of these things as I would never find them on my own.

  3. Kate--Thanks for the recognition. I'm not sure I'm an AT specialist (at least just yet) but I hope to be one soon. Probably once the year progresses I'll be more inclined to say so. Also, I know I haven't posted much personal info on my site but I'm also known as dr52383 on Adaptedlearning. Thanks again!


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