Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Staff Bulletin Board

Each year I think carefully about the materials I hang on the bulletin board, wall or door I designate for staff.

  • The Prompt Hierarchy (link is to Adapted Learning - log in first) is an essential tool for all of those who work with learners with any kind of special need, but especially those with multiple disabilities, in my previous position I trained all new paraprofessionals agency-wide in positive behavior supports and interventions and spent quite a bit of time on the prompt hierarchy, in my new job all classroom have a weekly one hour classroom and I hope to spend one of the first meetings reviewing this
  • "All Behavior is Communication" - this is a banner that hangs across the top of the bulletin board
  • Positive Behavior Support Reminders (another Adapted Learning link) is a little sign to remind adults when to praise, ignore, redirect and to always teach appropriate behavior
  • Instruct, Model, Practice, Praise - this is my mantra (well, one of many), it is how all great teaching from the littlest newborn learning to babble to a six year old learning to tie his shoes to pre-algebra in seventh grade to a college level seminar in the disturbed child and adolescent (best class I ever took, by the way, props to Dr. Ellen Wright, way to use that Bloom's) is done; I hang this to remind adults that no matter what we are teaching, from cause and effect to using a spoon to row/column scanning we instruct, model, practice and praise over and over again
  • The Beatitudes for Friends of the Exceptional Child this is a poster version (preview below) I made a few years ago, more recently I've seen a different version of this poem credited to the writer Andre Masse

Beatitude for Teachers of  the Exceptional Child
Beatitude for Teachers of the Exceptional Child


  1. I find myself wanting the little facebook "like" tool when I read your blog. I've never seen the Beatitudes for Teachers of the Exceptional Child before. Its great and a wonderful way to put up reminders on how to interact with students :). Thanks!

  2. Supposedly there is a way to add such a like feature but I am yet to figure it out. Well, actually I haven't tried very hard. I clicked on the link and it did work and I gave up. Maybe I will try again.

  3. LOL Kate... its funny how we get in to our little routines. Everytime I read something I like now I want to click a button to say that I like it. Of course with your blog I would just be clicking the button after pretty much every post. It is kind of a silly button but one that I've grown used to after spending way too much time on facebook :).

  4. Loved the link to the Beatitudes, so I shared it with friends and past co-workers!

    You are so right about having that Prompt Hierarchy around for staff training, what a cool resource.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Larry L. @


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