Friday, August 21, 2009

Unique Learning System - September Extensions - Government

This Post Still In Progress!!!!!

Adapted P.E.
  • giant safety sign images (from Boardmaker or Google images) and make a Safety Sign obstacle course - following the orders of the signs (stop, bear left, yield, slow)
  • go on an outdoor or indoor safety sign scavenger hunt
  • have a patriotic parade
  • have a Citizenship Walk, collecting pledges of hours of charity work (perhaps for Veterans) for laps walked (or rolled) around a track over the course of a week
  • recycle basketball - shoot empty soda/water bottles into recycle bins

Life Skills/Vocational
  • Survival Sign Matching
  • Survival Sign Bingo (download from Adapted Learning)
  • make the Pupcakes (link below under cooking) and deliver to an animal shelter
  • sort cans, bottles and paper for recycling (part of the Rachel Carson and Citizenship lessons)
  • turn in soda cans for a refund (in certain states) and use money to buy supplies to make care kits for veterans or troops

  • red, white and blue rice in a sensory bin (how to dye rice)
  • fast music/slow music with instruments - play fast patriotic music and slow patriotic music (consider using a visualizer on a big screen to show the music as well) and have the student play the music fast/slow

Arts and Crafts
  • dye rice red, white and blue and use to make shakers, mosaics and put in sensory bins
  • America Crafts
  • red, white and blue tie dye to make class shirts to wear on field trips/CBI/CBE or to use as smocks for crafts (cut up the back for easy on/off)
  • DLTK USA Crafts
  • make recycled paper

Online Activities/Weblinks

Multimedia (Video Downloader Site) - For VOD (Video of the Day) or Friday's at the Movies
(Does some amazing soul want to make the You Tubes into a Classroom Suite Activity? Most You Tubes are also on Teacher Tube.)

  • Make an American Flag - count out the stripes and stars (work on counting, 1:1 correspondence, patterns and shapes)
  • Bingo Dauber Papers (bingo dauber papers are great for teaching 1:1 correspondence, visual spacial intergration and fine motor skills

Social Studies
  • Create a classroom Bill of Rights and Classroom Citizen Responsibilities - make it look like the real constitution using coffee or tea (coffee and tea are, of course, wonderful multi-sensory experiences)
  • USA Worksheet Set (with Maps)
Commercial Software

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  1. On Tuesday, September 8, 2009, President Obama will deliver a speech directly to students about education. Watching and planning some activities around this seems like a great extension to the Unique curriculum as well!


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