Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Device of the Day - iPod Adapted Remote

JR Cooper announced his new adapted iPod remote today in all of the assistive technology listservs I am on. The remote is has five buttons. It is a RF (radio frequency) remote. so you do not need to aim it at the iPod. It is angled slightly towards the user. Mr. Cooper states that a scanning version should be out in several months. This remote should be very useful for some students.

He incorrectly points out that his is the only adapted remote on the market for new iPods. He states that the iScan MP3 (distributed by Enabling Devices in the USA and Canada) does not work with new iPods, but it does, however it needs a tiny adaptor and the auditory scan feature (you can still see the scan) does not work. Thus his is the only large button remote on the market and the iScan MP3 is the only scanning remote on the market as of now.

A side note: you do not need in any way to buy JR Coopers AAC remote for iPod. First of all he calls it the Labtec Pure-Fi, most likely a typo, but it is a Logitech Pure-Fi (no such thing as a Labtec and if you enlarge his picture you see it is a Logitech). Secondly he does nothing to adapt it and it still is the highest priced Logitech Pure-Fi on the web. You can find them as low as $125.

Thus you should do your home work. Absolutely any IR (infrared) iPod remote will work to program your AAC devices if it accepts IR commands. Just Google "IR remote iPod". My favorite one costs about ten dollars, but you will need to use your ear buds, no speaker attached with the ten dollar one. You can also go to your local electronic store for one (with or with out speakers). A smooth talker may be able to get Best Buy or Circuit City to donate one.

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  1. Hi Kate
    Thanks for featuring my Clicker wiki the other day.... much appreciated.
    In this entry, you mentioned that you are on a number of listservs. Any chance of listing them in a future entry? Or have I missed them?



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