Monday, October 15, 2007

New German AAC Device

A German Company, INCAP, is selling a new dynamic display AAC device, the Momobil in the European Union and abroad.

The INCAP website describes it as follows, "MOMObil is a modern and powerful communication aid with voice output. The compact and mobile communications device is very versatile and can flexibly be adapted to individual needs. The control can take place in very different ways: by hand, via keyboard or via the integrated touch-screen, or via a head control, if only the head can be moved. Even with only very small motional possibilities an operation via switch (e.g. pushbutton) is also possible. In case of extreme handicaps an EMG or brain wave control is applicable.
The MOMObil has a dynamic 10,4"-display. Thereby, it is almost possible to depict on screen as many signs or symbols as desired as well as many levels as desired. The number and size of fields is adjustable, programming is very simple. The MOMObil has a word and a letter prediction. In addition an environmental control function is built in.

Technical Data: Dimensions: 290 x 220 x 41 mm, Weight: 1400 g, Display Size: 10,4", Runtime Battery (1 Battery): approx. 3 hrs., Housing: very robust, water proof, WLAN integrated."

It is being sold by INCAP and Special Needs Computing.

As always I welcome comments and e-mails from the designers, vendors, users and their teams.

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