Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dynavox M3 for the Emergent Communicator

At Closing the Gap Dynavox introduced a new dynamic display device for users who are not ready for the complexities of the V series. The device is called the M3 and is similar to the older style MightyMo/MiniMo as far as intended audience (functional/beginning communicators) and that it uses digitally recorded voices (i.e. you record the words and phrases), but that is where the similarities seem to end.

The press release reads, "Designed for the Emergent Communicator. Symbols with concrete representations and new InterAACT® visual scenes reduce the cognitive load placed on the user, making it the choice for emergent level communicators. The preprogrammed pages provide a means to begin developing literacy skills based on core words and phrases organized in distinctcategories, helping emergent communicators interact in a range of classroom, home and social settings."

The M3 has the same physical specs as the Dynavox V. It runs on Windows Ce (like the Dynavox Series Four devices), you can import digital photos and other images as symbols, it can be programmed to act as an environmental controller, it is compatible with the PhoneIt program, and it has an ability to connect via wired ethernet to download upgrades.

One cool thing is a new feature called touchzoom and scanzoom that blows up the symbols being activated or scanned to aide those with visual impairments or trouble focusing.

Visit the Dynavox M3 Website for more info.

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