Friday, October 12, 2007

Website of the Day - The Big Tree

In the tradition of all of the wonderful special needs sites out of the UK (Priory Woods, Meldreth Manor, SEN Teacher, Curriculum Online, One Switch, Symbol World) today's site of the day, The Big Tree.

This is the way the site describes itself,
"The Big Tree is a way in to the internet about important things for people with a learning disability.

It is like a very big library or place to find information. You can also find other people who are interested in the same things as you.

The aim is to make it easy for people with a learning disability to use.

We have called it The Big Tree because it's going to grow like a tree.

The branches are the groups of subjects that join the whole thing up. We call this 'the web'.

The twigs of the tree are the pathways which you can't see but link the websites together.

The leaves will be the websites about learning disability.

The trunk of the tree will be where people can add their ideas. We call this 'community'.

Finally the roots will be the system which makes sure it all works. We call this 'research'.

To start with it will be small but each week new information will be available with links to many other internet websites.

We hope its useful and you enjoy it."

(Note to US residents - the UK uses a much broader/different definition of learning disability than we do. Their definition includes what we would "label" as "intellectual impairment/developmental delay".)

The site includes sections for the web (links), community (chat, gallery, news) and research (articles, a best practice series).

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