Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Hearing Impairment Reminders

This is from a handout I created to give to my paraprofessionals during our fifteen minute daily meeting this morning. I thought it might be useful to others.

Hearing Impairment Reminders for Learners

with Multiple Disabilities

  • Be eye-to-eye and face-to-face to communicate

o Bend down or sit down to students who are sitting

o Do not talk behind student’s back

· Be sure student can see your face (hands down, nothing in your mouth)

· Speak loudly and clearly, enunciate

· Use short clear sentences

· Use visual communication that is known to the student (sign or picture symbols)

· Allow time for processing (look at the clock to slow yourself down, wait at least 30-45 seconds before repeating commands or questions)

· Check for understanding

· Repeat and Rephrase if needed

Hearing Aid and FM Care

  • Check Aids Daily (use steps below)
  • Moisture is the biggest enemy of the hearing aid, be sure it is kept dry and away from any source of dampness
  • If you question students hearing during the day check the hearing aid settings and then the batteries using hearing aid stethoscope
  • Use FMs to improve student understanding – for 1:1 work be sure to set to the one filled in dot on the grey FM attachment (called the boot) on the hearing aid, change back when done
  • Make sure hearing aids, boot and FMs are off every night
  • Charge FM microphone unit at night
Checking a Hearing Aid
  • Look it over for cracks or damage
  • Examine tubes for wax or moisture, remove or dry if needed
  • Turn it on and all the way up and hold in cupped hand, listen for feedback which indicates a working battery
  • Replace battery if you do not hear feedback
  • Use hearing aid stethoscope to check the that every frequency is working by saying the Ling 7 sounds (mm, ah, ee (like key), oo (like boot), or, sh, s)
  • report dysfunctions to teacher, speech therapist, audiologist or designated person
  • reset volumes to correct level before giving to student or putting in students ear(s)
  • tell teacher or nurse if ear is red or has any drainage, or if student complains of ear pain

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