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Trabasack Portable Lap

Ok, technically it is a tray/bag, but in my classroom we call it a "lap".  The Trabasack is an innovative bag that doubles as a lap desk and has the option of a Velcro accepting surface.

We use our Trabasack everyday, especially for activities away from our group table, like music therapy.  Using the trabasack instead of a tray makes it easier to "see" the student instead of the equipment because it is smaller and looks more natural than a tray.

The Velcro accepting surface allows us to attach switches and smaller communication devices as well as preferred leisure items like an iPod or fine motor activity.

Although we don't use ours as a bag very often it is wonderful that it can carry switches, symbols and sensory items while hanging on the back of a wheelchair and then be used as a tray to access those items.  (I wish we had the Trabasack last school year when we went on a field trip to the movies, using it to attach sensory items would have helped one of my students stay calm and happy.)

The Trabasack is available in two sizes:

Trabasack Curve – curved edge hugs the body’s contours, helps to keeps hands and elbows on the surface
Size: 39 x 37 x 7.5cm.
Trabasack Mini – rectangular, A4 size, fits smaller chairs.
Size: 33 x 25 x 7.5cm.

Connect – Is a tray cover option.
A super soft Velcro tray top. Use it to securely position and reposition switches toys etc.
(And would make a great holiday gift!)

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