Sunday, June 24, 2018

#AACreadtoMe Contest

The AAC through Motivate, Model and Move Out of the Way Facebook Group is having Summer Reading Contest. The goal of the contest is two fold: to have professionals and caregivers practice modeling and to create a free, online library of videos of storybooks being read aloud with AAC modeling happening during the reading. Please note: there doesn’t need to be AAC users present during the video - although it is not prohibited. The contest begins July 1, 2018 and closes August 1, 2018.

The hope is that we will see videos posted of many robust AAC systems both electronic and non-electronic and many different and wonderful kids books. AAC related companies have been asked to donate some prizes (still looking for more! Message me if you have something to donate!). One prize will be given for the best overall video, and two will be randomly selected. Other prizes may be added!

Here are some suggestions for your video;


  • There are a few ways to model while reading, the simplest is to model the action of the reader and comments, such as, turn the page, look, cool

  • This contest is looking for the modeling of core words (or common phrases) during the reading. For example, Marvin K. Mooney will YOU please GO NOW! (Modeled words in caps.)

  • Your video should be useful for the AAC user(s) in your life. This contest is intended to be beneficial to the participant in that way. So model the language level or ability needed, it will be assumed whatever language level you model is appropriate for your situation.

  • We are not looking for videos which show the symbols for the words in isolation, we are looking for modeling that allows the watcher to see how to locate the targeted words - so please do NOT just read a book with symbols pasted in or use video editing to just add the symbols to the screen while you are reading, also do not use a board or page created just for that book (this includes downloaded or commercially available pages or boards just for that book). The goal is to teach kids to use the words they have already.

  • If at all possible use an AAC system which is not totally unique to your user. For our purposes it would be better to use a common core word display than an electronic system that has been made from scratch or is so customized it no longer operates like it was originally designed. (An exception is if many people are using the same highly customized system - as sometimes happens in small, disability specific communities). However, if the choice is a unique and very highly customized system or no video at all, then use the customized system!

Selecting a Book

  • Look for a picture book with clear language at the language ability you wish to model

  • Aim for a book which length won’t exceed the potential attention span of the target /AAC user(s)/audience

  • Look for a theme that works with your curriculum, theme unit, or has targeted core words and other variables relevant to your setting

  • Read the book through, make sure you are comfortable with the story and that you like it, if you don’t enjoy reading it listeners may not enjoy hearing it!

Getting read to video

  • Pre-read the book

  • Select target words for each page. These are the words you will model

  • Consider putting those words on a post it or writing in pencil on each page

  • Decide on how you will end - will you offer your opinion and model it? Will you model a question to the audience?

  • Rehearse - read it and model the targeted words, learn where they are

  • Film the reading of the book, be sure to state the full title and author, show the pictures to the camera and model as you go

  • Upload to YouTube and/or Facebook with the tag #AACreadtoMe and the name of the AAC system you will be using to model (such as Avaz, Proloquo2Go, LAMP, Unity 45, CoughDrop with Core Word 60, TouchChat with WordPower 42, PODD book 20, etc)

Advanced Options

  • Pick a rhyming book

  • Use fun/dramatic voices

  • Use props or puppets

  • Wear a costume

  • Decorate the story reading area

  • Have a live audience

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Contact Me at:

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