Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sensory Cause and Effect Lightbox Goes Beyond the Tablet

Sensory Cause and Effect Lightbox, a popular app on the iPad and Android devices for learners with significant disabilities including autism, cerebral palsy, and cortical vision impairment is now available as a free download for Windows and Mac computers.

On the iPad and Android devices this app is popular because it offers 21 calming or stimulating visual and auditory scenarios with a variety of access methods including touch, sound activation and external switch. Additionally there are all sorts of customizations from colors, to live camera feedback to using a photo as the background - everything you need to help motivate that hard to motivate learner.  On the iPad it can also be used with an Apple TV and Airplay to create a larger light show and make the app fun for a whole group.

Now you can run the same features on your computer which means you can also bring Sensory Cause and
Effect Light Box to your Interactive White Board (SMART Board, Promethean, Tap-It).  Dim the lights and use it as a part of a multi-sensory classroom experience for students with a variety of disabilities.

On the computer you still have the same options of using a touch screen, sound and switch activation and more.  Other settings make it easier to use with head trackers, joysticks and other alternative access devices.  There is even an option to use it with gesture recognition such as the Leap Motion.

The free software is also perfect for open (unlocked) communication devices - including eye gaze devices! For early eye gaze users just learning to use their eyes as an access method Sensory Lightbox might be the perfect tool. Below you can see it being used on a Tobii C-Eye using Windows Eye Control.  For the young lady in the video a Justin Beiber background has been just the thing to make this a new favorite activity!


Saturday, September 28, 2013

Clicker 6 Resources

The Clicker Family of products has long been a staple in special education classrooms in the USA (and most elementary school classrooms in England).  With the recent addition of a "Mouse Dwell" to select feature Clicker 6 now works with pretty much every type of computer access method, including switches, eye gaze tracking and more.  One of the great things about Clicker 6 is you can make it anything you need it to be to help your students learn.  One of the not-so-great things is that none of us have the time to spend making the number of Clicker 6 activities for our students we wish we could.  Luckily teachers love to share!  Here is a list of Clicker resources and activities.

Free Clicker 6 Activities
(Reminder: Clicker 5 activities still work beautifully in Clicker 6!)
Clicker Activities for Purchase

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