Monday, March 26, 2012

A Brief Hiatus

July 3, 2012 I am now back online.  The below is still posted for chronological integrity.

Hello everyone,

I know my posts have been scarce since I changed jobs two and a half years ago and even more scare lately.  As you can see above I am dealing with some health challenges right now.  I am actually doing very well, all things considered, but I need to get more rest and have less stress for a while.  Thus this blog will be on a hiatus until things settle down.  I am still dedicated to sharing information about best practices in working with individuals with severe or multiple special needs and will return to posting at some point.  I will leave the blog up, with all of its information and I will continue to moderate comments.

Thank you for your support,

Kate Ahern

Friday, March 16, 2012

Welcome MPS OTs and SLPs!

Here is a slideshow designed for a workshop presented to OTs and SLPs in a public school system.  It is intended as a beyond the basics introduction to AT.

Slideshow was removed because of an outside request.  Many of my slideshows are available at  My account name is teechkidz.

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Contact Me at:

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