Online Activities

Free Online Activities for Learners with Significant Special Needs

This is an update of the post listing online switch activities for learners with multiple or significant special needs.

Switch Activities

The activities listed are chosen because they can be used with switches, they are simple and they are enjoyable. The activities listed are free. Some activities may require set up by an assistant before switch use. Although care has been taken not to include switch activities with any violence or graphic images teachers and others still need to check activities for age and general appropriateness before use.

Cause and Effect (and Press to Play):

Single Switch Scanning/Timed Single Switch Response (sites may include some cause and effect games as well):
Two Switches (unless otherwise noted you must click in the area of the game and then use tab and enter to play):
Touch Screen, Mouse and Mouse Emulators (i.e. head tracking and eye gaze devices)

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  1. These are some great website! Thank you, thank you, thank you, for collecting these and posting them! I have been looking for amazing cause and effect website.


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